Digital Matte Composition

This is a Digital Matte Composition that I created out of a dozen or so images. The main goal was to create a fantasy themed image of a long forgotten realm or a great kingdom. I wanted to show decay in the structures and the environment, like no one had lived here for quite a long time. The blending and the coloring helps show the detail a little bit more and really create a new world.

Bright Day/Ruins of a Forgotten Realm
Digital Matte Composition
One of the things I love to work on are Digital Matte Compositions. I've always been fascinated by them. 

I first learned about this particular area of design while watching a behind scenes vignette for a motion picture. The movie had it's usual VFX shots, but one of the shots contained a background filled with different elements to create an entirely new one. I knew that this technique was sometimes used for set-extensions on a film, but when I found out that this one in particular was completed in Photoshop and then placed into the background of a live shot astounded me.  The more I researched, the more and more I fell in love with these type of images.  I really love the fantasy, futuristic and post apocalyptic theme mattes. 

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