About Me

Hello. I'm Andre. 
Nice to meet you!
So who am I? That's a tough question. Nerd? Designer? Ninja? 
For starters, I was born in Brooklyn, New York in April 1977. Twenty days after that, Star Wars opened in theaters nationwide. Later that summer, the Son of Sam was caught. That's it. That’s my claim to fame. 
Was never good at basketball, but I could hurl a mean marble or two. And even though I am no longer in Brooklyn (rent was too high) and I'm currently living in New Jersey, I will always love my city. It's a constant source of inspiration and love. 
I attended college at Delaware State University in Dover, Delaware where I studied Marketing and Advertising. It was also there where a large majority of influences graced my life for the better and started me on my path to be the creative professional I am today. 
My life is comprised of surrounding myself with family, friends, and loved-ones, an extensive comic book collection and an affinity for all things imaginative and artistic. I love what I do! Whether designing for print or the web, drawing, screenwriting, performing 'The Warrior' by Scandal at karaoke, working on a video production or even the latest VFX techniques (when time permits) -- I feel like I am always learning and always growing as an artist and I love every minute of it!
Keep an eye out for an ever changing and ever growing portfolio! 
Much love!
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