JESSUP 2015 Campaign Concept Design

I was asked to come up with a design for the annual law student/moot court competition, JESSUP for White & Case. The theme for this year's competition was that of a fictional dispute between two countries that share a precious mineral called Marthite, which has divided the territories. With this design, I wanted to show two things: how the Marthite is splitting the two areas of East Agnostica and Reverentia into a burgeoning civil war and also create a "faction" to choose in the students debate. The three posters are dedicated to showcasing miners or workers in the areas and that they are a part of the Marthite and how it's segregating the. The main posters is of a typical minor being blown away and turning into dust/particles similar to the Marthite. It holds the headlines and the faction symbols, which are then presented on two separate posters to be hung in the forum on each side of the students who will be debating. The faction symbols were created with how each of the factions have handled their part in these discussions with Reverentia (axe pick) being the aggressor and Agnostica (shovel) being more passive.

JESSUP 2015 Poster Design Concept
JESSUP 2015: Poster Design Concept - Reverentia Faction 
JESSUP 2015: Poster Design Concept - Agnostica Faction 
JESSUP 2015 - Logo Design
JESSUP 2015 - Faction Symbol Design
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