Movie Poster Design - LEGEND

This is a recreation of a promotional poster from the 1980's fantasy movie Legend. I wanted to re-design it utilizing the style and techniques of movie posters today.

Attack of the 80's
Legend Movie Poster Redesign
For this piece, I tried to really re-create the essence of the movie from the original poster artwork. The 1980's was filled with beautifully rendered paintings for their movie posters. Legend was one of my favorite movies growing up. The cinematography, the world, the score and the art direction was fantastic! So I wanted to re-do the poster in the spirit of if the film had a re-release or a remake as it were these days. 

My version still kept the main villain of the movie, Darkness front and center. However, it was task trying to find images I could use for this. Luckily, I found some images of a Darkness bust that were high-res enough for this project. Using some image repairing and enhancements, and some quick composite work in Photoshop, this quickly became something I fell in love with. I used a line from the movie to act as the headline and enhanced the billing block a little more with some typography. I was thinking of turning this into a character-series of posters, which is a big trend for movie promotions.  
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